certME service state

Authentication to services: OPERATIONAL

Data requests & enrollment to service:  OPERATIONAL

Issuing certME eIDs via in-person verification: OPERAtIONAL

Issuing certME eIDs via video verification: OPERAtIONAL

Previous incidents

01/31/20232 - 02/01/2023: Errors during video verification of identity. Fixed: 02/01/2023

01/13/20232 - 01/16/2023: Sporadic errors when issuing eIDs. Fixed: 01/16/2023

10/25/2022 - 10/26/2022: Errors when issuing eIDs. Fixed: 10/26/2022

10/10/2022 - 10/18/2022: Sporadic errors when connecting users to video ID verification operators. Fixed: 10/19/2022

10/10/2022 - 10/17/2022: Sporadic errors when scanning the ID card. Fixed: 10/18/2022

We connect service providers with customers—100% online

certME allows users to register and authenticate with service providers exclusively online, eliminating physical travel at the counter, standing in queues and filling out forms.