Mar 24, 2022

Do you want to know the benefits of electronic identification services?

certME – the first service of this kind on the Romanian market

certME is the first electronic identification service on the Romanian market and the only one certified according to the eIDAS Regulation for a substantial level of assurance.

certME can be used by companies and public institutions to register and authenticate their customers and citizens exclusively online, ensuring the verification of identity required for the Know Your Customer processes.

Thus, all interactions between a user and an online service through certME have legal effects recognized by any institution or public court in the EU. certME is designed for service providers who want to digitize their processes and be able to provide services exclusively online, eliminating the physical travel of customers at the counter, standing in line, and filling in forms. More details on how certME can help you get more customers with less hassle can be found at

certME is also designed for individuals, ensuring a high level of transparency and security through the use of blockchain technology and cryptography. Users' personal data is stored only on their mobile devices and is always under the exclusive control of users.

The data access history is transparent for the users and anonymously for anyone else, certME providing the users with the guarantee that their personal data cannot be accessed by the service providers except at the initiative and with the consent of the users. Further details about the mobile app and how certME makes it easier for users to connect with service providers can be found at

To understand the benefits of the CERTME electronic identification service, let’s take the sale of a car, for example. Nowadays, in order to sell a car, you have to draw up a file with many documents in physical format, which must reach many state institutions. At each institution you must identify yourself, requiring the physical presence and presentation of the identity card in original.

First, you must complete a car purchase contract and multiply it in 4 other copies, which must be hand signed by both the buyer and the seller.  Subsequently you must go to the General Directorate of Local Taxes and Charges (DGITL) to which the seller belongs, where the 5 contracts will be distributed to the seller, the buyer, the seller's DGITL, the buyer's DGITL and the Public Community Driving and Vehicle Registration Permits Service.

Within 90 days you must go to the DGITL to which the buyer belongs and submit the Tax Return in order to register the car for tax purposes. With a copy of the contract, “certified” by DGITL, and copies of all documents, you must go to the Traffic Directorate and submit the necessary documents for registration.

All these documents can be issued and signed in electronic format, and identification can also be done online, without unnecessary trips and without standing in line. While the qualified electronic signature allows for the remote signing of all documents, the eIDAS Regulation guaranteeing the legal equivalence of the qualified electronic signature with the handwritten signature, the same eIDAS Regulation allows for online identification instead of physical presence at the counter. Thus, using the CERTME service, the mentioned institutions can digitize the entire process, so that the sale - purchase of a car to be done exclusively online, with just a few clicks.

Examples of the use of electronic identification means are extremely numerous. Basically, any economic or administrative process that is currently carried out in person, using documents on paper, can be transposed into the digital environment with the help of electronic identification services.

If you want to know more about the benefits of electronic identification services or about the technology behind the certME service, please see or contact us at